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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Favorite Web 2.0

Here are some of my favorite web 2.0 tools:


One thing I work on constantly is organization.  I made myself a little chart to help me with my to do list.  I call it my "first things first" list due to our leader in me program.  Here it is.  It is simple but you can download it if you want.

End In Mind

Sub Plan Chart

I am all about tables and charts when I create a document. Here is one that I created for my sub plans feel free to use it, change it, or do what every you need to do!!!

Sub Plans

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break

Why does it go by so fast?   I didn't get to do anything interesting.  I worked on masters class homework, lesson plans for next week, cleaned house, and did some research for upcoming events.  The week before Spring Break went by so slow.  It took forever for Friday to roll around.  Now this week, I blink my eyes and it is Friday and I am only two days away from returning to school!!!

Data Notebooks

Our school is soon to start the Leader in Me program.  We are very excited about the data notebooks that we will be using next year.  With these notebooks, the students will take responsibility for their own learning.  They will set goals and keep track of the progress they make in their classes.  Here are some links to some data notebook resources:

Montgomery Public Schools:  This site has several resources.  It also gives great visual examples!

Beaumont Elementary: This site has some great examples to get you started on your notebook.

Instructional Resources: This site has resources broken down by grade level.  It is very helpful

More to come soon!!

Hello All

I have only been teaching for about 3 years.  Although I am still in the learning process, I have found it helpful that some teachers are not afraid to share resources and ideas.  So for all of you new teachers, experienced teachers, and anyone in between this blog is for you.  In this blog I want to share resources, ideas, and the occasional funny story about my teaching experiences.  I hope you find the information here useful!!